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Issue 01



The first issue of Obliquite focuses on new types of design practice, be it a happening, performance, installation or game. Seven international designers have been invited to expand on the themes and questions at the heart of their explorations, through essays and interviews. Together, through their common points as well as differences, they make up a group which will allow us to shed light on a refreshing new approach. Performative or narrative, this group questions not only what design is, but also what the creation process can be. This issue, by gathering and confronting these practices, supports their potential for becoming paradigm shifts.

  • Designers

  • Team

    Editor-in-chief: Emile De Visscher

    Graphic Design: Yin Fei Gwee

    Editorial Advisors: Justine Boussard, Lucile Vareilles

    Translation: Patricia Chen, Communications Européennes

    Proofreading: Poppy Beale-Collins, Almaz Ohene

    Interludes: Antonin Giroud-Delorme, Éléonore Pano-zavaroni

    Typefaces: Sexy Sans (Yin Fei Gwee), Finito (Andrea Anner)

    Printing and Binding: Snel Belgium

    Publisher: Les Presses Pondérées

    Support: ENSAD (Paris), PSL (Paris)

  • Preview

  • Events

    Exhibitions :


    Z33 goes Oblique - from 12/04/16 to 18/04/16

    collaboration with Z33 house for contemporary art

    Atelier Clerici, Milan Salone del Mobile, IT


    Conferences :


    Round-table around Obliquite

    Palazzo Clerici, Milan, IT - 13/04/16 3pm


    Le designer et le livre

    Rennes School of Art, Rennes, FR - 30/04/16


    Commonplace Studio and Obliquite,

    Z33 House for contemporary Arts, Hasselt, BE - 12/12/15