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Issue 02



The second issue of Obliquite focuses on designers developing new manufacturing processes, from CNC to low-tech investigations. Seven international studios have been invited to expand on their practice. These multi-disciplinary newcomers get freed from industrial constraints or traditional craftwork techniques to create new material transformation possibilities. By assembling a series of heterogeneous designers from the field, this issue of Obliquite looks behind the scenes to reveal the power of these works. It shows that most of them are moved by a speculative intent: a “what if?” scenario applied to materials, flows and energies.

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  • Team

    Editor-in-chief: Emile De Visscher

    Graphic Design: Yin Fei Gwee

    Editorial Advisors: Lucile Vareilles

    Translation: Communications Européennes, Steven Akoun

    Proofreading: Justine Boussard, Christophe Machet

    Interludes: Emile Barret

    Typefaces: Sexy Sans (Yin Fei Gwee), Finito (Andrea Anner)

    Printing and Binding: Snel Belgium

    Publisher: Les Presses Pondérées

    Support: ENSAD (Paris), PSL (Paris)

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